Stray Who Was Hit By A Car Found Trying To Hide From The Pain In A Corner

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to a street dog who’d been hit by a car. He was scared and hiding from the world with his face in a corner. The dog didn’t know what to do. Rescuers noticed that his back legs weren’t working, so they carefully approached to help out.

If the dog tried to stand on his own, his back legs would collapse. They quickly got the good boy back to the hospital where they gave him anti-inflammatory meds for the pain. Thankfully, they found no fractures, but the heartbreak in the dog’s eyes was very apparent.

He had an injured spine, and it would take 4 to 6 weeks of bed rest for the nerves to heal. Mr. Kisses was very cooperative but couldn’t wait for the days of bed rest to be over with. Now, he’s back to his happy life! Watch below. 🙂