Golden Retriever Pup Welcomes And Embraces The New Mailman On The Job

A new mailman had been assigned to the route that includes the house of Moose the Golden Retriever puppy just a few weeks ago. And to make the mailman feel welcome and comfortable as the new guy on the job, the puppy did his best to embrace him with open arms and open paws!

The one-and-a-half-year-old puppy was let outside to get a closer look at the new postman one day, and that’s when it all started. The mailman seemed just as happy to see Moose as Moose was to see him, and now it’s a daily ritual!

You can see that the Golden Retriever waits patiently until the mailman gets out of his truck to come see him. And then it’s lots of hugs and pats on the head! 🙂

They make sure to greet each other every day now, and it never gets old for them — or for Moose’s parents! Be sure to check out Moose the Golden Retriever’s Instagram page for more of these precious interactions.