Dog Sees Friend Trying To Make A Great Escape, Lends A Helping Paw

Carolyn Warmm adopted Molly and Marco together as puppies years ago, and she could instantly tell the two were partners in crime for life. Molly, the dog with dark fur, is the one who takes the lead on their shenanigans, and Marco follows right behind!

Carolyn Warmm

Mom often takes her two rebels to work with her and uses a doggy gate to keep them from running all over the office. But these two troublemakers aren’t meant to be tamed or bound by any silly rules! In the video below, Carolyn caught Molly trying to make a great escape, and what do you know, Marco comes up from behind to join in. 😛

Marco decides to lend a helping paw to boost his sister over and cause a ruckus — because it’s what these two do best! But who could ever stay mad at the adorable duo?

h/t The Dodo