Mama Dog Dumped After Giving Birth, Sat With Pups Waiting For Owners To Return

A mother dog was abandoned on the road shortly after giving birth, and Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, was alerted to the situation. When the rescuers arrived, they spotted the mama over in the grass waiting with her puppies for their owners to return. And she was going to do whatever it’d take to keep her young ones safe.

But her owners would never come back. The little family was loaded up into the rescue vehicle and now in good hands. The pups were so young, they were yet to even open up their eyes. It’s a good thing they were rescued when they were.

Moli was such a great mom through it all and continues to put her puppies first. They’re all currently being fostered and properly cared for, and they’ll be put up for adoption when ready. A big thanks to the non-profit Dog Rescue Shelter for their commendable work!