Therapy Dog’s Bedtime Routine Involves Picking Out A New Toy Every Night

Mojito has lots of toys, and she loves each and every one of them!

The three-year-old therapy dog spends all day playing with her toys, sometimes even letting Vader the cat enjoy one!

When it’s time for bed, Mojito has to bring a toy with her.

And it’s not just any old toy; the dog has a very thorough process of picking out the right one for the night. She’ll empty the toy boxes and search the house until she finds the one she’s looking for! 🙂

And the chosen toys always stay upstairs until she’s ready to bring them down again. If someone moves one, she’ll bring it right back up!

She’s been in her routine for about a year and a half now, and her parents love to photograph her little quirk.

What toy will it be tomorrow night?

Whether her nightly ritual is keeping her entertained or bringing her peace at night, it’s awfully cute! 🙂

Photo credits: Kim Downie
h/t The Dodo