Dog Was Adopted But Returned To High Kill Shelter Because She ‘Passes Too Much Gas’

Misty was adopted out of a high kill shelter in South Carolina, catching a break that a lot of dogs don’t normally get. But then Misty was returned to this same shelter for, as the Greenville County Pet Rescue Facebook page says, passing “too much gas.”

Yes, returned to DIE for farting.

Yes, people can really be this awful. This upset many and caused an uproar prompting more than one offer to buy Misty some sensitive stomach dog food. She went on the shelter’s “urgent” list, meaning she would be euthanized if not adopted soon.

So a one-year-old dog who’s friendly and good with other animals was about to be put down because of having too much gas.

But luckily, this happened. Shelter spokesperson Susan Bufano told the HuffPost that Misty would soon be in the care of people that will love her – gas and all. “We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her,” said Bufano. “We anticipate finding her a home.”

Thankfully, Misty’s story had a nice ending after a very close call. There are many dogs in shelters waiting for a second chance in life like Misty was lucky enough to get. So remember to adopt, not shop!