Missy Was Kept In A Tiny Cage For 10 Years Hidden Away Behind Piles Of Trash

For 10 years, Missy was kept in a tiny makeshift pen hidden away behind giant piles of trash. The dog could barely even see out of her cage. But PETA fieldworkers visited her to make sure she had food, water, and affection. The owner just refused to hand Missy over.

But one day, Missy tested positive for heartworm disease. The woman finally allowed PETA to take Missy from her so they could treat her and find her a forever home. Missy was taken to the shelter and began treatment.

After 10 years of being lonely in that cage, this was a brand new life. She went on a roadtrip to Florida where she would meet her new family and see where she’d spend this second chance at life. 🙂

“Adopting a rescue dog is just the only way to go,” says adoptive guardian Terri David. “Missy’s life here will [include] a long walk in the morning. We hope we can take her to the beach. She’ll have a lot of dog friends and just lots of love.”