Mom Asks Her Husky If She’s Stupid, Dog Delivers Hilariously Honest Answer

Mishka the Husky is a very talkative dog, and it’s not nonsensical drivel. She knows exactly what Mom is asking her and she’s able to understand it and properly respond! We’ve all seen some awfully chatty pups, but this one takes it to another level for sure. 🙂

In the video below, Mom starts it off by saying, “I love you!” to which the Husky replies, “I wuv youuuu.” Mom follows that up by asking, “Are you pretty?” and “Do you love me?” and the Husky seems to get excited by responding with some emphatic howls. But for the real test…

“Are you stupid?” Mishka immediately answers that question with a very clear “Noooooo!” as she walks away from the conversation. The family can’t help but laugh! 😀