Delivery Guy Puts A Package In The Letterbox, Dog Takes A Bite Out Of It

Our dogs seem to have love or hate relationships with mail carriers and delivery people. But maybe it’s not so much about this strange person coming onto their property as it is the contents they are bringing…

For a dog named Minnie, it’s cardboard that really gets her going! She loves to rip it up and play with it. So anytime a package arrives, her focus goes to the person delivering it at the front door! You can see her in the window as the man approaches here with a box in hand.

The owner had this to say: “Our rescue dog Minnie (who can be seen at the beginning if you look carefully through the shutters) really likes playing with and ripping cardboard. When the delivery driver put our package through the letterbox she wanted to play tug of war and she ended up taking a chunk out of the packaging! This hasn’t happened before and we found it so funny! The contents of the package weren’t damaged.”