Dog Locked In A Cage For 7 Years Had To Dig A Hole To Escape The Summer Heat

A senior dog named Mingo was kept isolated from her owners in the backyard in a cramped, tiny cage for at least seven years of her life. She couldn’t exercise, had nothing to do, and had no companionship of any kind. She dug a hole to escape the summer heat and often had no water.

But one kind soul would visit her as often as possible and make sure she was as comfortable as could be. The PETA fieldworker pleaded with the owners to take her and even reported her living conditions to the authorities but was ignored. But after years of rejecting the offer to help Mingo, her owners gave her up!

Mingo was now free, and she was adopted by the very fieldworker who constantly visited her and never gave up on her! The old girl is loving her new life with her new friend with whom she gets to take walks and nap. After years of neglect and abuse, she’s home. 🙂

“It’s never too late to be happy.”