A Stray Wandered Into Their Yard & Collapsed, Showed Teeth To Tell Of His Pain

Hope For Paws received word of a stray dog who wandered into a Good Samaritan’s yard and passed out on the spot. They arrived to the location to try and find out what was wrong. The dog was responsive but clearly in distress.

The dog showed his teeth to let them know he was in a lot of pain, but he cooperated as if he knew they were there to help. The stray allowed the rescuers to pick him up in a makeshift gurney and load him into the vehicle. Milo’s life was about to change forever.

Back at the hospital, they took X-rays which revealed he had no broken bones. But he did have a serious infection. Milo would have to undergo an operation to have pus removed from his shoulder that was the result of a bite wound.

It was a long recovery process, but Milo was a trooper. He would then receive the best news of all — he was off to a loving forever home thanks to the work of Cause for SB Paws! See Milo in his new life in the video below. 🙂