With The Hair Of A Werewolf And Smile Of A Human, Dog Makes Potential Adopter Fall For Him

A lot of dogs can smile, but Milo has the kind of smile that turns heads. Just five-and-a-half years ago, the skittish, wavy-haired dog had no one. But when a potential adopter saw that smile, she knew she had to have him.

Ivy Rylander had just moved into a new home with her partner, and they decided to adopt a dog. While browsing some photos online, a picture of Milo stopped her in her tracks.

At eight months old, Milo was picked up as a stray. No one knew anything about him other than the fact that he’s very skittish and nervous. So when it was time for Ivy to meet with Milo, the shelter actually brought the dog to her house.

They helped the shy dog up to the stairs of the apartment. And when Milo flashed that signature smile, Ivy fell head over heels for him.

She knew right then and there that Milo was the one. There was no way he was leaving that day without the promise of a forever home. 🙂

Not only does Milo have a distinctive grin, he has patches of wild, wavy hair! Ivy describes it as looking kind of like a werewolf.

No one can seem to quite figure out what breed he is, but Milo’s a unique dog, that’s for sure.

The wispy locks around his neck and curly tail just further set him apart from the pack. You could say Milo’s unique look saved his life. 🙂

Milo has calmed down over the years and lost some of his skittishness, and he now loves to go hiking. He seems to be the most at peace while doing so.

Milo has a cat brother named Finnegan whom he loves very much. And he likes to play with other dogs and allow mom to dress him up!

Ivy thinks his ThunderShirt, used to help with anxiety, has opened Milo up to wearing shirts. “He’ll actually wear hats and glasses all the time too,” she told The Dodo.

Milo’s the sweetest pup, and he’s exactly where he belongs. His mom just adores him.

You can see more of Milo and his human-like smile on Instagram. 🙂

h/t The Dodo