Parents Look In On Security Camera To See What Their Dog Is Doing Home Alone

It was the first day to actually find out what Millie does while home alone, so her parents checked in on her via the security camera. And what they saw they couldn’t believe — busted! 😀

Karlee Wippler posted the clip to TikTok where you can hear them unable to contain their laughter! They were so taken aback, they couldn’t even stay mad. Mom yells at the dog to get down through all her laughing, but then Millie proceeds to go over to the countertop to think about getting up there. Unbelievable!



First day finding out what Millie does when she is home alone 🥰🥰 #TargetHalloween #fyp #goldendoodle #baddog #MakeItCinematic

♬ original sound – Karlee Wippler