Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Wanders Up To Stranger And Kindly Asks For Help

Shannon Ackerman pulled into a Texaco station in Missouri City, Texas, right after she’d just rescued a Husky and her two pups from a drain pipe next to the highway. She was on her way home with them but needed gas, and she stepped out of her car to the biggest surprise.

As soon as she started pumping gas, she felt something lick the back of her knee. She turned around and looked down at a sad German Shepherd who looked like she just gave birth to a litter. The sweet dog looked up at Shannon as if to say, “Can you help me?”

Shannon had her hands full and tried to figure out where the dog had come from. She asked around the lot but no one said anything. She even asked the gas station owner, and he said he saw someone dump the dog and speed away before he could stop them.

The German Shepherd, later named Mercy, was crying and whining to get into Shannon’s car. But with the Husky and puppies and traps and supplies, she just couldn’t do it. It broke her heart, but she had an idea.

She drove back to the site where she rescued the Husky family where Whitney Hartman, another dog rescuer, was still present. She told her about the German Shepherd at the gas station, and Whitney was happy to go help. As soon as she arrived and opened her car door, Mercy jumped right in! 🙂

Mercy was checked for a microchip, but she didn’t have one. She had a dirty collar around her neck but no ID tags of any kind. The sweet dog kept nudging at Whitney’s hand for some love as they drove back to her house. After feeding the dog and giving her a nice warm bed for the night, Whitney found a foster home for Mercy that specializes in German Shepherds called Sauver Des Chiens.

Mercy is doing well at her foster home. She’s very sweet and friendly, but she’s also very confused — she’s still looking for her puppies. The rescue group hasn’t given up and is doing everything possible to find the pups and reunite them with their Mom.

The rescue group will also make it a priority to find Mercy the best forever home where she can be showered with the love and attention she desires. And she’ll live her life out with a loving family and never be thrown away like garbage again.

If you’re interested in adopting Mercy, you can fill out an application with Sauver Des Chiens.

h/t The Dodo