Stray Dog Kept Appearing On A Woman’s Security Cam As If He Knew She Could Help

Emily kept seeing a stray dog on her security camera, and she found out her neighbors had been trying to rescue him. But everytime anyone got close, the dog would run away. About a week later, Emily was out walking her dogs when she turned around — and there he was!

The stray was so friendly and seemed to bond with her dogs, Kokoro and Chibi, and he followed them back into their yard. He was nervous and kept his tail down but ate some biscuits and drank water. And then Emily invited him to come into their home…

Mello just kind of looked around hesitantly but eventually found a place to settle in. And after one night, he seemed to be coming around. A vet visit set the dog on the right path, but the family felt he deserved to have someone’s full attention. So they found him a forever home with the perfect people!

See Mello’s fully story in the video below. 🙂