Stray Found In A Ditch Could Only Move That Wagging Tail

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to tend to a sweet stray dog who’d been hit by a car. Her back legs were run over, and she sat in a ditch unable to move. But she was able to wag that tail in what seemed like a glimmer of hope.

They took the friendly girl back to the hospital and found that both legs were fractured. Staff then splinted and stabilized the legs as the dog cooperated and gave them her full trust. She would need 4-6 weeks of bed rest.

After 3 weeks, she was able to bear some weight for short periods of time, and that was a huge step in her recovery. And then at the 6-week mark, Meetika (which means soft and quiet in Hindi) couldn’t be held back! Just look at her running around so happily today. 🙂