Dog Revels In Watching Her Human Sister Walk For The First Time

Maya and Abby have been close from the very beginning. And that can probably be contributed to the fact they were both born a little different and each had to overcome a disability. Maya has cerebral palsy, and the family brought Abby into their lives after plans for her to become a therapy dog changed.

The dog was born without her front right paw, and it all changed for her when she found the perfect family. Maya and Abby just understand each other so well and are always by each other’s sides. The two brave friends were able to take on their separate challenges in life head-on knowing they could lean on one another for support along the way!

And the day that Maya was ready to take her first steps at the age of four, Abby was right there to revel in the situation. She was so proud of her human sister and wore the emotion on her face! See the incredible moment in their story video below. 🙂