Dog Won’t Even Budge From Unmade Bed For Treats, So Mom Uses The Magic Word

You just want to get all the chores done around the house, but your dog is having way too much fun. It’s hard to tell them no and they just want to play, so what do you do? In the video below, Mom is trying to make the bed. But her dog, Max, is directly interfering with that by lying on the unmade bed. He’s really enjoying himself and has no intentions of moving.

“Get off Mama’s bed. Come on, let’s go,” she pleads with her pup. “Want a treat? Would you get off the bed for a treat?” This seems to interest Max a little bit as he gives Mom the side eye, but his stubbornness prevails. It’s tempting, but at this point he’d rather have the bed!

So Mom knows she’s going to have to bust out the big guns. She doesn’t like to have to do it, but it’s what this has come to. If she wants to get this bed made sometime today, she’s going to have to say the magic word! 😉