Mom Asks German Shepherd Which Toy Is His Favorite, And Of Course He Picks That One

We love our dogs, and we like to give them the absolute best of everything. We put lots of money into them and try to spoil them as much as possible, but it’s the little things that matter most to our pets. Take Maverick the German Shepherd and his toys, for instance.

Maverick is sitting beside his huge pile of nice toys, and mom asks him to pick out his favorite. “Which one do you like the most?” she asks.

“Show me!” mom continues. And that’s when the German Shepherd walks over to the toys to make his decision. And of course he picks out that “toy”! 😀

A rolled up piece of paper. Not even a toy, but trash. Out of all of those nice, expensive toys and that’s what the dog likes to play with the most! It’s funny how their minds work sometimes, but you gotta love them for how honest they are! 🙂

Does your dog have a favorite “toy”? Does your dog prefer the free little things in life? Let’s hear it in the comments!