Furniture Store Leaves Out A Mattress For The Neighborhood Strays To Rest On

Dr. Cem Baykal has walked past the same furniture store every day on his way to work for the past six years. And lately, he’s always seeing two stray dogs sitting out front. The dogs are best friends and always together, and they sleep on a mattress that the store puts out for them.

Cem Baykal

The home store, Istikbal Mobile, sells furniture such as beds, sofas, and mattresses, and the owner makes sure to have a new mattress (still covered in the plastic) outside to provide the homeless dogs a bit of comfort. The bed is always out there during the winter, and in the summer, he also offers shade and water.

Cem Baykal

The street is in a rich area of the town, and everyone lends a hand giving the well-known strays food and water when needed. But with nowhere for them to properly rest, this caring store owner takes it upon himself to supply some quality bedding. What a gesture! 🙂

H/T The Dodo