Stray Was Too Nervous To Approach Anyone For Help But So Lost In This World

Hope For Paws received a call about a nervous, abandoned dog roaming around a neighborhood. They arrived to find the stray on the side of the street too afraid to approach for help but just absolutely lost in this world. They would have to be aggressive to save this one.

Rescuers learned that for weeks the dog wouldn’t allow anyone to get close to her. When trying to gain her attention with a tasty and smelly cheeseburger didn’t work, Eldad and Loreta followed the dog as she left the area. They found the dog on someone’s property and made sure she had no escape this time.

They secured her with a net which didn’t help her anxiety, but it had to be done. Loreta carried Marshmello to the car that way and transitioned her into a crate to be taken back to the hospital.

Back at the facilities, Marshmello was still nervous. She would need to heal physically and emotionally. A spa treatment did wonders for her, and she was off to LA Animal Rescue for a foster home. But it didn’t take long for Marshmello to find a forever home! 🙂

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