Collapsed Stray Had No Strength To Even Acknowledge The People Trying To Help

Animal Aid Unlimited received an emergency call about an injured stray dog who’d collapsed in the street. As rescuers approached, they saw a huge wound on the dog’s neck that was infested by maggots. They got him back to the hospital for care immediately.

The poor boy had no strength to even react to his carers as they began his treatment. Staff applied powder to kill the maggots and then bandaged the wound to let him rest for the night. He was more responsive and feeling much better by the next morning.

The dog was sedated so that they could clean and properly fix the neck wound. By day 20, the healing process had reduced the size of the wound to a fraction of what it once was, and the good boy was much more active! Now all healed up and loving his daily walks, take a look at Marshall today. 🙂