Marine Sees A Limping Dog Overseas, Stops At Nothing To Bring Him Home

Marine captain Billy Norris was overseas on deployment when he came across a stray dog he couldn’t take his mind off of. This one was limping around after having been hit by a car and looked so miserable. With his Marine unit an hour away, he went back with his gunnery sergeant to help.

Billy was able to find a vet for the dog, and they suggested he get his leg amputated. After this procedure and lots of love, the dog transformed into a happy and healthy pup! But now he couldn’t just leave the dog behind. He named him Lucky and started raising money to fly him home to the United States.

After a long flight with many stops, the two were about to be reunited after a month apart. The only thing separating them now was the thin wire gate of the crate! Billy wasn’t sure he’d ever see Lucky again, but now they’re living together as happy as can be. 🙂