Breeders Dump Paralyzed Dog Because Her Next Delivery Would Be Expensive

Maria the Dachshund was forced to breed even though she was paralyzed from the hips down. But when her breeders realized that her next delivery would require a $3,000 C-section, they abandoned her without hesitation.

But Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue found the pregnant and terrified dog and took her in to help her give birth. The poor girl was severely anemic covered in fleas and infections and had to resort to dragging her heavy body through the grass.

Maria ended up giving birth while in the care of the rescue, and she became a mother to seven healthy and beautiful puppies! The Dachshund received therapy and more care while in the shelter helping her to get back on her feet. Now she’s doing much better thanks to these kind people!

UPDATE: Since the video was posted, Maria and all seven of her sweet puppies have found their loving forever homes! 🙂