Dogs Keep Tearing Away At Shed Trying To Lead Owners To Little One Inside

Scott and Nico have a couple of very well-behaved dogs, so that’s why it was so strange to find them digging and tearing away at the shed out back all of a sudden. Dad even boarded it up at one point, but Mango kept at it. It turns out the dogs were trying to lead their owners to the little one inside…

Then one day, Mom and Dad followed the dogs to the shed and heard it — a tiny meow coming from inside. Now it all made sense. But why was there a singular kitten inside of their shed? They figure it was maybe just looking for shelter. They took the kitty in right away to feed him and give him water.

Nico is allergic to cats, but even she was trying to talk them into keeping it. In the end, they knew the perfect person who just happened to be looking to adopt a kitten! Watch the video below to see the cat in his new home. These dogs are heroes! 🙂