Man Risks It All To Save A Rabbit From The Raging Wildfire

A man pulled over along Highway 1 in Los Angeles on Wednesday to save a rabbit from the 90,000-acre Thomas wildfire. The daring rescue was captured by KABC, and the footage is taking the internet by storm.

After a few tense moments, the man was able to secure the rabbit and take it to safety warming the hearts of viewers everyone. Many took to social media to praise him for his efforts although he did not wish to be interviewed.

He put his life at risk to save a wild animal, and it has completely restored my faith in humanity. While what he did was very dangerous and not recommended, his actions have certainly made a big impression during this scary time in Southern California.

This man is a hero, and his bravery deserves to be seen by all. Share this with your friends and family if you agree. 🙂