Man Is Asked To Walk The Dog, Figures They Should Go Sledding While Out

A man is asked by his wife to take the dog on a walk, and he decides to have a little fun while doing so. While out in the woods, the guy decides to see if he can sled ride on the icy snow and catch the dog’s reaction to it all.

“It’s as cold as ice here ! Yes he is sliding on his jacket. Wait for the 2nd run!” the wife said in the YouTube description.

At first, the dog is unsure of what’s going on and can be seen chasing after the man as he sleds backward down the hill. The pooch catches up as the man slows to a stop and licks him in the face. The pup seems up for the adventure!

“So I asked my husband to go take the dog for a hike in the woods today and this is what I got back for proof… Just a man and his dog having fun!” the woman said.

It’s so great to see a dog and its owner having so much fun together! This is sure to make your day. 🙂