Mama Found In Middle Of Nowhere In Crumbling Building With 5 Puppies

Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia, learned of a mother dog with five puppies taking refuge in a crumbling building in the middle of nowhere. Despite being sick, the mama did everything she could to care for her pups and keep them alive.

The dog family had no food or water and were living in the worst of conditions. There were only some old bags full of sand and cement. The mama was calm and seemed to realize help had finally arrived. The two-year-old dog and one-month-old pups were loaded up and taken back for baths.

The mother had a severe case of demodectic mange and had lost a lot of hair. And the pups also had a mild form of it. The medicated baths would remove the parasites and set them on track to heal their wounds and regain their hair. The dog family would continue the therapy and rehabilitation before eventually being put up for adoption. Their lives were saved thanks to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac! 🙂