Rescuers Try Nabbing Some Stray Kittens When Mama Comes Charging

A Good Samaritan had been feeding a stray kitten for a few days and decided to give Hope For Paws a call. Rescuers set out and arrived on scene to see the kitty hiding behind some bushes. They used some tuna juice as a distraction to be able to secure the little one, and that was that. This is normally where a Hope For Paws rescue would end, but Eldad had a feeling there was more to this one…

He asked Jordan to monitor the feeding station in the coming days, and just two days later, they learned there were two more kittens and a mother just 300 feet from where they rescued little Hedgehog. As Hope For Paws tried rescuing the two kittens, they didn’t see the mom hiding in the dense vegetation, and she wasn’t happy.

Mama chased the rescuers off, but they were persistent. Eldad and JoAnn were able to get the one kitty, and hours later they decided to leave for the day after not being able to find the other baby and mother.

While Hedgehog and Shrew were getting used to being pets, Porcupine was captured and brought in! And that wasn’t the only good news; the mother cat was rescued too! It was now a family reunion.

If interested in adopting this family, you can contact Kitty Bungalow for information.