Dog Danced At The End Of Her Short Chain When She Saw Someone Coming For Her

Maggie was kept chained up at Team Baker Kennel where dogs are bred and trained for Iditarod. The dogs there are kept outside and constantly chained up in temperatures that reach as low as negative 19-degrees Fahrenheit. They were only given a “stew” of rotten meat and had no access to water.

Maggie was surrendered to PETA’s eyewitness without a fight because they deemed her unfit to race because of her build. Maggie would now have a chance to live the life she’s always deserved. And it started with a cross-country roadtrip.

The sweet dog got to see and smell all kinds of new things along the way and experience firsts such as getting brushed and getting a bath. After 2,700 miles, Maggie arrived at PETA where she’d stay until she got a forever home.

And just wait until you see Maggie’s adoption day at the end! 🙂