Homeless Dog Doesn’t Trust Woman Until Her Puppy Shows Up

Hollee went to take out the trash one day when she saw a homeless dog by her property. She started asking the neighbors about the pup, and they said they’d seen the dog roaming the area for months now. Lots of people had tried to feed her, but she didn’t trust anyone. But Hollee went and sat outside to see how the stray would respond.

But she wouldn’t come to her. The dog was skinny and always kept her tail tucked between her legs. She was just terrified. Hollee couldn’t sleep knowing this sweet dog was out there all alone, but if she tried to approach, she knew Luna would just run away.

Then one day, Hollee was outside with her puppy. And she caught Luna just watching and watching as if she wanted to play. Luna started hopping around and finally approached!

“She approached me for the first time, and she just kind of bowed her head like she wanted me to pet her,” Hollee said.

It turned out Luna did not have a microchip which made Hollee very happy — she could adopt her herself! “It’s just been so incredible to watch her blossom,” she said. How amazing is that? 🙂