Little Pup Sat In Her Makeshift ‘Home’ Devoid Of Love And Attention

These sisters were driving along when one of them spotted a dog in a tiny doghouse in front of an empty villa. The poor thing was completely naked without her fur and had clearly been neglected for some time. They finally coerced her out of the box, so they placed one of the motorbike helmets at the entrance to prevent her from going back in and hiding.

The good girl started to trust them and ate food right out of their hands! After about an hour of working to gain her trust, they got her right over to the vet. And it was there that a blood test revealed the dog had scabies and suffered from an eye infection. This was curable, so they got her back to their home at Bali Paws!

Little Lucy would experience many firsts here along with so many new friends including walking on grass and going to the beach! And after about a month, she was finally healthy enough to be adopted. So she was sent to the United States to meet Matt and Bri! This marked the beginning of her second chance at life, and her new mom and dad were the perfect fit. 🙂