Stray Dog Had Been Harassed By Someone And Now Showed Her Teeth To All

Hope For Paws received an emergency message about a stray who took to the L.A. River after an unkind neighbor harassed her. The dog seemed aggressive but she was just fearful. Humans had wronged her before, and she wasn’t going to be fooled again.

Here in this open area, the dog would be able to run for miles. She was hungry enough to want food but still so hesitant that she wouldn’t allow Eldad to touch her. It was starting to get dark, but thankfully some reinforcements arrived! The ladies helped lift a crate over the fence so it could be set up with a burger.

Once in the crate, Lotus quickly relaxed and became so calm having her own comfortable blanket! Back at the animal hospital, they found out the poor girl was sick with Thrombocytopenia. This could have been fatal if not discovered when it was, but it is a treatable condition with the good medical care she will receive!

She’s currently being fostered by The Little Red Dog until healthy enough to be put up for adoption. Here’s to a new life in which humans can prove her wrong and be her saviors! 🙂