Police ‘Arrest’ Dog Who Ran Away From Home Looking To Have A Little Fun

A dog living in the village of Ziegenbach in Germany snuck away from home to go explore and have a little fun at the expense of his family’s sanity. And while out on this adventure, he ran into some cyclists who decided to stop and help.

Polizei Mittelfranken

The cyclists interacted with the pup but became worried he was lost, so they called the cops. They would stay with the dog until Middle Franconia police arrived. And let’s just say the dog would feel a little betrayed by his new friends! 😉

Polizei Mittelfranken

After the police “arrested” the dog, the look on his face suggested he was now thinking twice about his actions from earlier in the day! He just couldn’t believe he was headed to the slammer. But his rebellious act wouldn’t land him there…

The police department asked around town about the dog and was able to return him to his home with quite the story to tell his humans. Too funny!

H/T – The Dodo