Loki The Shiba Inu Knows How To Outsmart His Owner

Loki the Shiba Inu is one smart pup. And when Mom tries to fool him with the guessing game, he quickly comes up with a way to outsmart her. It may be dirty, and it may be cheating, but this fool-proof way of winning the game makes sure no treat is left behind! ūüėČ

Mom starts by holding out both hands with a treat in her right. The hands go behind her back and are presented again as fists. Loki now has to guess which hand the treat is in. When he chooses her right hand and sees the treat is no longer there, he’s dumbfounded. Okay, one more time to make sure. After being tricked again despite picking what he thought was the correct hand, he’s had it! The Shiba Inu walks away as if he quits but quickly returns with a sure way to beat the system. ūüėÄ