Tiny Puppy Lay By The Rocks Unable To Move As Mom And Dad Watch From Afar

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to help a young puppy who was unable to stand. He cried out in pain as he lay by the rocks. Mom and Dad watched from afar as rescuers moved in to help their little one. Home is where he wanted to be, but he had to get fixed up first.

Back at the hospital, they were able to determine he had a badly injured hip. He was given medication and set on a course for recovery. As much as the other dogs wanted to play, this pup just couldn’t find it in himself at the time. He was not only physically hurt but much too homesick.

About a week later, the puppy’s mood started to lighten and his true personality was coming through! He was improving day by day, and rescuers knew the most progress would come when back at home with his family. Take a look at Fluffy with them now! 🙂