People Hear Whimpering Coming From Enclosed Sewage Gutter, Find Pup Inside

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call saying a puppy had collapsed in a sewage drain and that his whimpering could be heard by passersby. The rescuers arrived and lifted the large slab of cement covering the drain and saw that the dog was trying with all his might to keep his head above the water.

The poor thing was suffering so much and was immediately taken back to the facilities for medical care. No wounds or fractures were found, but the dog was having neurological problems and must’ve been hit on the head at some point. He was given an IV and medicine to be stabilized.

The young pup slept for most of the first two days but started to come around on day three. He was finally able to eat but needed help to sit up. After several more days of being unable to stand on his own, he stood up on day seven but couldn’t stop circling. Rescuers were beginning to think he might never recover.

But after days of circling and falling and learning to walk again, Little Leo is as good as new! Just wait until you see him today. 🙂

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