Little Dog Hiding At A Factory Is Scared For His Life, Just Wants To Be Loved

Hope For Paws was alerted about a tiny dog living on a factory property who was scared for his life. Not only was he alone in the world, but he’d been attacked by other dogs and was injured. Little Hugo was down on his luck and needed love in his life in the worst way.

When Lisa Arturo arrived, the dog was found lying on a sheet outside. He quickly scampered away in fear, so she tried to offer him some food to see how he’d respond. But he once again ran away and this time took cover by some heavy machinery.

After a few tense and stressful moments, Hugo was secured by the Lucky Leash. It was time to get him back to the facilities and check out his wounds.

Hugo’s injuries were worse than originally thought with the wounds deep and infected. Surgery was needed to install drains to clear the infection. Little Hugo was tough and brave through it all! 🙂

The little dog only wants to be loved and is currently one happy camper in foster care. He just needs a forever home to make his life complete.

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