Abandoned Dog Family Hid In A Field Wondering If They Could Trust Anyone

Hope For Paws received a call about an abandoned family of dogs in a dense vegetation field. It was a hot day, and the dogs didn’t trust the rescuers, so Loreta and Eldad had to come up with a unique way to save them.

They used all of their equipment to surround the large bush, and there the mom sat frozen in fear. Her babies were outside of the enclosure and could be heard barking at them. They picked up the mom and named her Linda.

Loreta got the idea to bring the mom along to help rescue the puppies. But it still wasn’t easy as they would get spooked and run back into the bushes. Loreta even got bitten by the two pups but never let go. She named them Stella and Falabella.

After six hours in the 106-degree heat the rescue was successful, and the whole family was back together again! After baths and medical care, ART N’ Paws offered to foster all three. Linda, Stella, and Falabella are all happy, healthy, and looking for a forever home! 🙂

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