Family’s Puppy Found Alive Days After Their House Burned To The Ground

Sarah Graham and her fiance Anthony Harbison were told that nothing was salvageable after the fire that ripped through their apartment. But there was only one thing on their mind: their dog Lilly. They were saddened the most that they weren’t able to save their eight-month-old puppy.

But what they were about to find out shocked them to the core.

Sarah-Elizabeth Graham Harbison

Nearly a week later, they returned to the scene in hopes of finding their dog’s remains. But there Lilly was, sitting on the front lawn. Her fur was singed a little bit, but was in good shape otherwise.

Sarah-Elizabeth Graham Harbison

It turns out that an insurance claims adjuster was on site when he heard a slight whimper. He found Lilly cowered in her kennel. The kennel had protected her from falling debris, but the fact that she survived the smoke and heat is an absolute miracle.

Sarah-Elizabeth Graham Harbison

Sarah and Anthony couldn’t describe the joy in their hearts when they saw their pup sitting there alive and well. They never thought they’d see her again.

“I don’t feel like we’ve lost anything, really,” Sarah told The Cullman Times. “We’re just so happy to have her back.”