Rescuers Find Puppy Lying Beside A Box Near The Road Taking Its Final Breaths

Animal Aid Unlimited learned about a puppy near the road on the verge of death. When they arrived, the poor thing was lying there unconscious with the labored breathing that usually comes right before death. She was rushed back to the hospital, but they weren’t sure she’d even make it there.

The pup was in shock from extreme dehydration, and it was hard to place the IV catheter because her blood pressure was so low. They were afraid they were too late to save her. But they gave her the catheter with the fluids she needed and hoped she’d make it through the night.

In the morning, sweet little Lilly surprised everyone! After just 24 hours, the progress was miraculous! Just wait until you see her. 🙂

You can donate to Animal Aid to help them rescue more street animals in India.