Little Dog Moves Rugs So Grandma Can Get Through In Her Wheelchair

Ana Clara Simoes and her family live in Brazil where they all chip in to take care of her 86-year-old grandmother. And this lucky grandma has more than just people looking out for her every move; She also has a sweet little pup named Lili who has been known to help out where possible!

Grandma, who uses a wheelchair, has never had any trouble getting around her home. And that’s thanks in part to her little furry friend and companion. In the video below, you’ll see Grandma coming home with the assistance of her family. That’s when Lili comes up unprovoked and moves the carpet rugs out of the way so that the elderly woman can more easily get through!

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At first everyone thought it was a coincidence, but the dog had never moved the rugs around before. Lili thought to do it all by herself right on the spot!

Lili hasn’t figured out how to put the rugs back yet, but Grandma’s other dog, Lara, has since been seen moving the carpets out of the way as well! It’s such a loving gesture done as an act of care, and Grandma couldn’t have better little companions. 🙂