Dogs Cry Out For Help While Locked In Vehicle On Hot Day

As dog lovers, we know it’s never acceptable to leave our pets in vehicles alone. Even if windows are left cracked or thinking “it’ll only be a few minutes.” The conditions inside a car on a warm day can skyrocket to unbearable heat in no time at all. But people keep doing it, so we need to keep spreading the word and warn of the dangers.

And this summer could be the worst yet for leaving dogs in cars. With the extreme temperatures and longer wait times at grocery stores, restaurants, and doctor’s offices, due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s even more important that we get the word out there.

Dogs can’t sweat, and they can quickly sustain brain damage, die of heatstroke, or suffocate. Sharing this video could mean life or death, so let’s do our part to save lives! We need to be the voices dogs don’t have.