Mom & Dad Expose Their Beagle As True Creature Of Habit With Bedtime Routine

All of our dogs seem to have their quirks and routines. Whether not eating their dinner unless it’s in a specific bowl or not walking down a hallway unless they do so backward, one thing is for certain: dogs truly are creatures of habit. And a Beagle named Leroy has a bedtime routine that’ll have you in stitches! ūüėÄ

Mom and Dad recorded it for all to see, and we’re so glad that they did! Every night before he can go to sleep, Leroy has to do his thing. And his thing is a proper fluffing of the blankets and sheets for a good minute and a half before creating the perfect nesting spot.

His people can do nothing but watch and wait as their bed is transformed into a big Beagle doggie bed. He shuffles, pulls, and digs until the conditions are just right. And then it’s off to dreamland!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Does your dog have any funny routines? Let us know in the comments after watching the video in full below. ūüôā