Injured Dog Lay Patiently In A Well, Wags Her Tail When Found

Animal Aid Unlimited set out to rescue a dog who’d fallen into a well and had a deep laceration. When they arrived, the dog lay there patiently even wagging her tail as if she knew help just showed up! One man lowered down with the help of a harness to bring her up to safety.

She was such a good girl despite all of the pain she must’ve felt from the long and deep cut. She would need stitches, so they prepped her for the procedure. The team sedated the dog and cleaned her wound and fixed her right up!

The next day, she woke up very hungry. The fresh cut would heal rather quickly, but the beautiful and sweet girl was lucky to be found when she was. She waited so quietly and patiently in that hole, but wait until you see Lena now! 🙂