Rescuers Arrive To See Dogs Hidden Away In A Stable As Neglected As Can Be

Sidewalk Specials cleared out a euthanasia list and arrived to see the dogs hiding in a stable. And that’s where they found Lemming who was trying to be invisible over in the corner. She was mange ridden and starving and thought rescuers wanted to hurt her.

They took the good girl over to Vet Point for a checkup and wondered how they’d home such a timid dog. But there was a couple willing to foster Lemming and give her the second chance she deserved! They quickly learned that Lemming knew how to shake — the only thing her old human had taught her.

Her foster parents fell for her, and they decided to adopt her for good! Lemming now had a forever home where she felt comfortable and loved, and she acted like a brand new dog. It just goes to show that sometimes a dog just needs a chance.