Man Moves Away Leaving His Dog Behind Because He Has No More Use For Her

A man picked up and moved to California leaving his dog behind in a small mesh kennel. Rubble was scared and confused and left to fend for herself, and it was all because her owner felt he had no further use for her in his life.

Purchased for breeding purposes, the four-year-old American Bulldog had one job and one job only. And when she suddenly became unable to get pregnant, her owner no longer needed her. Rubble was left behind in Houston, Texas. When the owner’s family heard of the abandonment, they tried contacting him several times with no luck. After many attempts, they called an animal rescue group.

Alyssa Aguilar showed up to rescue Rubble and was taken aback by the dog’s condition. The poor thing was emaciated, covered in scabs, and was suffering from an eye infection. Alyssa knew she had to get Rubble to an emergency vet clinic as soon as possible.

Despite her rough past, Rubble was friendly, sweet, and very grateful to be rescued and now safe. She allowed everyone to pet her and was in great spirits. Rubble just wanted to be loved.

Rubble weighed in at only 44 pounds, well below the 80-100 pounds an adult American Bulldog her age should weigh. She was put on a treatment plan for her severe skin condition and had surgery scheduled to correct her eyelid entropion.

After Rubble makes a full recovery, there’s no doubt she’ll make the perfect pet for one very lucky family. The sweet girl deserves this second chance at life, and A Chance To Bloom Dog Rescue is determined to make it happen!

You can contact A Chance To Bloom for information on adopting her.

h/t Animal Channel