Lamb Gets Loose In House, Can’t Tell Where Mom’s Voice Is Coming From

We all know what it’s like to call out for our dogs and they can’t find us, and they run through the house trying to find where the sound is coming from. In a bit of a panic, their little feet scatter around on the floor with their heads on a swivel. Then the moment they finally see us, they come barreling toward us as if we had been away for days.

Well this woman had the same scenario play out for her but with a lamb instead! The little thing got loose in the house and was curiously checking everything out. But when Mom started calling for it, it had no idea where she was. That’s when the fun and laughter began!

After a slight stumble and slide across the hallway floor, the lamb turns around and heads back to the other room. But this time, it hilariously hops to avoid another near-wipeout! Several back-and-forths later, the lost lamb sticks its head out and peeks toward Mom.

“There you are! Finally, I’ve been looking for you forever,” she says. Watch the funny moment play out in the video below. It’s too cute to handle!