Dog Was Dumped With Mange And Tick Fever And Suspicious Burns On His Body

Lamb was abandoned and dumped with mange and tick fever, and he had suspicious burns on his body. The dog was taken in by Sidewalk Specials in a sorry state, but they were determined to do everything they could to help.

Lamb soaked up all the love and attention he could get at his foster home while he awaited a forever family. Just when he almost lost hope, they got him his very first toy. Lamb wouldn’t let go of it! And then it happened…

Lamb got that forever home! He got a dog and cat friend and was looking better and better each day, but the damage was already done. Lamb’s rough beginning to life had taken its toll, and at just 8 months old, the pup sadly passed away in his mom’s arms.

Even though he’s gone, we can find joy in the fact that Lamb got his happy ever after and felt love at the end. Sidewalk Specials doesn’t regret any of the time or effort put into Lamb’s rescue and would even do it all over again, and we hope his story shows that all dogs deserve love no matter what.