An Injured Dog Was Ignored On The Side Of The Street For 24 Hours

Hope For Paws received an urgent call about a badly injured dog on the side of the road. They were told the dog had been there for 24 hours when someone finally decided to call for help. Eldad was careful with the pup since she was unable to move figuring her pelvis had been crushed.

The little dog knew she needed help and seemed so grateful despite the pain she was in. Eldad named her Lady and proceeded to take her back to the hospital where the X-rays confirmed she had a broken pelvis. Her bath would have to wait as she was in too much pain.

Lady received all the medical care she needed and continued on to her foster home, but she looked nothing like the dog they found on the side of the road. Now in her forever home, Lady looks so beautiful and is living the life! 🙂

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